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Start Your Humanitarian Career at One World Center - (Dowagiac, MI)

If you are thinking about a career in non-profit and would like to background international service work, 1 World Center has an opportunity for you! Join 1 of our 18 and 9 mon programs to fulfill your desire to have a positive impact in the world. We offer individuals an opportunity to train, develop leadership skills and gain background and outlook through international service work in Africa. If you are ready for a change this could be the most exiting background of your life! The program requires travel both in the US as well as internationally and you will be living, working and learning with people from many different countries and cultures. The program is open to anyone 18 yrs of age or older. If you towards the end of the program find that you want to continue on the path of service work there are multiple opportunities for you both in the US and abroad. The last month of the program is dedicated to the quest for deciding what will come next.

Start Your Humanitarian Career at One World Center


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