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Facility Security Officer - (Kansas City, MO)

Location: Excelsior Springs, MO. General Function: Implements the policies and procedures required for Center Security in a humanistic and professional manner. Secures from harm, theft or misuse the grounds, property, students and personnel of the Center. **Great Opportunity for former military personnel, corrections officers, or police officers." Must be able to do foot patrols on a 26 acre campus. Must be able to work anytime as the Excelsior Springs locations is a campus that runs (24) hours a day. Key functions: 1. Conducts assigned investigations, including collection and preservation of all evidence and info pertinent to any breach of security, safety, and practice or law. 2. Develops any leads related to students misbehavior through investigations and contacts. 3. Photographs and secures the scene of any serious incident and conducts a search for physical evidence. 4. Labels, identifies and preserves all physical evidence obtained at a crime/incident scene in order


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