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Human Resources: Personal Trainer - Woodland Hills, California - (Woodland Hills, CA)

Job DescriptionPersonal Trainer: Your main responsibility will be to design and implement programs for our personal training clients. You will be expected to treat all clients in a professional and compassionate manner. It is imperative that you welcome all members with a warm and friendly disposition. You will be responsible for taking clients through their workouts and provide clients with suggested cardiovascular routines as requested. Be prepared to advise clients of what to do during their "off day" when they are exercising on their own. In general, the trainer position mandates you to be a positive fitness role model for all of our clients and club members. Other Required requirements: -Be on time and prepared for all scheduled personal training sessions-Maintain a clean and professional appearance at work (no visible unprofessional tattoos or body/facial piercings)-Be polite, responsive and helpful to clients, club members and co-workers-Provide clients with a productive


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