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Bungee Fitness and Ballroom Dance Specialist - (Durham, NC)

We are looking for an enthusiastic, self- motivated individuals that embrace the idea that all dancers of all ages need to be fit in order to perform any moves well and to sustain a healthy lifestyle. We are the first to offer Bungee fitness in Raleigh and will train for both ballroom and bungee. Some early morning classes must be staffed and after lunch as well as late afternoons and evenings. We are a very social Ballroom and promote Fun, Friends and Fitness to help people feel younger than they every thought possible. Melanie Dale is the owner, who has an extensive experience in ballet, jazz, aerobics, zumba and International as well as American-style Ballroom, trained by the best. There will be many performing opportunities as well. Please contact her as soon as possible...bungee classes begin September 18.


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From Get It, LLC - 1 month ago